Monday, March 29, 2010

So what's been up?

Well for me, I have been mainly working and doing taxes. Ick right? Well, not so fast. First I make some good money this time of help pay for some home improvement projects, my new computer (a whole other post!) and buy lots of scrappy stuff. Just bought some of the new BG Origins collection. Here is the layout I did with it...I love this picture of Ian ;0)
This was also for one of the Tally Idol challenges going on at my fav scrappy place. I also pre-ordered the BG Max and Wiskers collection - LOL. I've bought a lot lately!!! Just dropped a few bucks at a CTMH party too. Geez. Well good thing for tax season.
Til the next time gals!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Holy Smokes it's been a while!

Hubby said to me tonight that I haven't updated my blog in a while... so sweet of him to check on me every now and again. I thought to myself it couldn't be that long ago, maybe a month - LOL So holy smokes when I saw my last post of Jan 16th. Geez. Ya know its so flipping hard to keep up with everything now adays. Why is this life so much more complicated that the way my parent's world was? Not really sure, but I say I'm sorry scrappy friends that I have neglected my blog. I will (after tax season) get back to updating. Infact I'd like to post a lot of what I have been doing lately!
I am trying out for the DT over at Tally right now. So if you are tally member - here is my shameless plea for your votes... (PLEASE GIVE ME LOTS OF POINTS). Okay with that out of the way - I recall what sparked my computer hyatis is my never-ending computer woes. Which are now solved thanks to HP. Dell totally sucked and screwed my life up so we won't discuss that...
But in any event I have been scrappy...just not

On my next visit I promise to take off the Christmas theme!

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