Sunday, July 18, 2010

It's time for a post!

Now that is a funny statement. It's been a month. I can't believe it. But I'm sure I sound like a broken record on that one. Life just seems to get more and more busy with no signs of slowing down. I really wish someone could explain to me why life it better when it's hectic all the time and everyone is expecting you to just keep doing and doing? Sigh. Okay enough of my rant.

Here is a layout or two that I have done recently (production is way down....)

Saturday, June 19, 2010

New Blog and new layout!

I am so excited that some newbies have joined us over at Tally Scrapper. It was thru this that I was introduced to a new blog - Knick Knack Scrappy Shack! It's very new but based on what I see so far - it looks to be shaping up to be one fun blog! So if you can hop on over there too and check it out. I have added the link to my Blogging list.

Now for the new layout ;0) Just love this pic of Emily and the colors of her dress. Thanks for looking!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Design Team Opportunity

I have had a blast being on the DT for TallyScrapper. The kits are amazing, the people are so helpful, encouraging and talented. This has been a great experience. So while my time on the DT is coming to an end - yours can be just beginning! All you need to do is hop on over, sign up and submit 3 never before seen layouts and you could be voted in on the next DT! It's that simple. Let's see what you got ladies!

DT call starts today and ends June 30th. So get scrapping!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Going to see Thomas!

Tomorrow will be the Plank family's second trip to see Thomas - this time our family is made of 4 Thomas lovers instead of 3. Big brother is excited about showing Ian all the fun things to do and see when you make the trip to visit Thomas. This time please pray there is no least not hurricane wind/rain ;0).

Here is a pic of Ian today showing off his arms full of Silly Bands. These are actually Bryson's but he doesn't wear them so Ian took a turn and won't take them off - LOL! He's so adorable.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

I'm Being Published!!!!

I'm jumping in my seat! Just read the email from Scrapbook News and Review and my Not a Fan of Sand layout was accepted for publication in the June issue! You must check this out ;0)
Publish date is June 20th! I'm super excited, this is only my second time being published - I'm so grateful. I can't post the layout here but you can see it obviously on June 20th! LOL Yay!!!!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

June Kit at TallyScrapper

Girls do fish too! I have proof. Just looksie here at the layout I did tonight with the June Kit from Tally...

Isn't she the cutest? As you can see it's getting late so I will post more tomorrow when I have more time to play!

Friday, June 4, 2010


WOWcan you believe it's June already? I can't and I can't believe that my oldest is now going to be a 4th grader! He's done so well in school lately I just have to give him a big shout out - Way to go Bryson!
On a happy note - we are spending the day together - he's going to be swimming and I'm scrapping - LOL. So maybe not together but we're hanging out. I plan to get some good stuff accomplished so stay tuned for the post.
And in a matter of day Tally's June kit will be arriving at my door and it has the most all time wanted product right now - Jillybean Soup's Corrugated Chipboard letters! They are the bomb!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

TallyScrapper Design Team - Be Our Guest!

I am super excited to be on Tally's Current Design Team. I couldn't have asked for a better group of women to work with and share creative inspiration! So now its your chance to be a GUEST DT member. That's right - enjoy the perks of being on the DT but only for a 1 month commitment. Sound like fun? Then check out the requirements here. Don't be shy - everyone is welcome to try out regardless of skill level! And when you go - tell them Heather sent ya! LOL

HURRY - search ends on May 31st.

Do you have a baby?

Hop on over to my newest addition to my Blog listing - Scrap that Baby. The current prompt is create a layout of your baby playing and having fun...
So I hooked up the layout in my previous post - go check out the other layout challengers and ofcourse the awesome design team!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Tally's May Kit is here

Yes indeedy friends. It's here and I love it! Ofcourse what's not to love - it's all scrappy goodies! Here is my first layout with the kit. 100% Kit except the thickers used for the word "slide". So hop on over to Tally and get yourself one!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Sad Day

Today, we lost a friend and a very sweet person. Tammy was only 39, the invitation to her surprise 40th birthday party sits on my microwave. I kept it there to remind myself to RSVP. But I never got the chance.

To try and understand why God works the way he does will drive a normal person insane. I try to remind myself there is a plan, He knows best and things happen for a reason. There is just no reasoning as to why cancer should strike anyone so young. As Joel put it, "it's unfair". Nothing more can be said. It's truly unfair.

Joel and I pray that the Mayers family can find comfort in this difficult time.

My 100th post

Really 100 isn't a big number in the cyber world is it? But I made it! That's it - that's all I wanted to say.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

May already?

Well I suppose so! Happy Mother's Day to all you Mom's out there. I had a great weekend with my boys. Saturday we celebrates with a little shopping and a nice dinner at Red Lobster, then more shopping! This Mommy needed some new clothes and the boys delivered. Now into a size 12 and dropping! Yay!!! Could have used a little bit warmed weather though.

On Tuesday - hop on over to Tally and check out my latest Challenge. If you like Tim McGraw, you'll love my Idol Challenge. It'll have you thinking what you'll be doing in your next 30 years!

Bye for now!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Cool Border

Wanna learn how to make this border embellishment? Then log onto and check out my Blog post there...I take you step by step! Enjoy!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Cyber Crop recovery and Tally's April Kit

Hello everyone! It is now Tuesday and I am just still recooping from the busy weekend...the Cyber Crop was a huge success and I gotta tell you the place was just hopping all weekend - I am actually tired! LOL. Maybe too that's because I got my Tally kit for April on my doorstep Friday. If you love spring greens this one is for you! And did I mention SMOOCH? Never tried it until now and I love it! Here are a few layouts I designed with Tally's April kit so far....
The third one illustrates the use of the Smooch (orange misting spray paint in the background). Just love it! The first two are pure kit and I still have a ton more products left to use. Want a kit of your own? Simple - go to Tally and order one ;0)

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Cyber Crop details

Okay ladies - starting Friday, head over to and join in on the cyber crop. We'll be having games, a variety of challenges, chats and lots of prizes. I am hosting a Chat Saturday evening at 9pm EST for those scrapping or just wanting to hang out. So put the kiddos to bed, grab a stiff drink and meet me there! Also, for everyone who "chats" with ME, I'll be putting their name in a drawing for a RAK from me. So, yes I'm bribing you. LOL
I should be scrapping, I have layouts out the waZoo to do so I am signing off for the night. I will update this weekend.


Monday, April 5, 2010

So who is ready for a Cyber crop?

Well then you're in luck! Tally Scrapper is hosting a Cyber Crop this week to ring in Spring, the new DT and ofcourse just for fun. So hop on over Friday cause that is when all the fun begins ;0)
I am personally hosting a few challenges with *PRIZES* - who doesn't love prizes? AND I may just be hosting a chat on Saturday night...I'll let you know for sure. I would love it if a few of you ladies came to chat with me!
Alright that is all for now, more details to come but put it on your calendars cause we are having some major fun! Promise.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter!

Hope everyone had a wonderful day. Mine was extremely busy and I am totally exhausted. My feet and legs ache from all the running around and standing, etc. Just beat. I hope that means I burned some of that Easter meal cause I really did bad today. But the weather was fantastic and I just can't get over how warm it got today. Just fabulous. Hope you took lots of pictures today ;0)

Thursday, April 1, 2010

No joke!

No joke ladies! You're reading a post from a newly appointed member of the Tallyscrapper DT! I KNOW!!! I can't believe it either. I'm so lucky, this is going to be such a fun and challenging next couple of months but hey I'm ready! Thanks to all the Tally peeps who like me enough to let me stay there and post my work. I just can't get over it! I could hardly work today - Tally was on my mind all day. The layout below was my DT winner (the one of the three with the most points). So I suppose I need to thank Catherine the Great for the picture. Thanks Cath!

Monday, March 29, 2010

So what's been up?

Well for me, I have been mainly working and doing taxes. Ick right? Well, not so fast. First I make some good money this time of help pay for some home improvement projects, my new computer (a whole other post!) and buy lots of scrappy stuff. Just bought some of the new BG Origins collection. Here is the layout I did with it...I love this picture of Ian ;0)
This was also for one of the Tally Idol challenges going on at my fav scrappy place. I also pre-ordered the BG Max and Wiskers collection - LOL. I've bought a lot lately!!! Just dropped a few bucks at a CTMH party too. Geez. Well good thing for tax season.
Til the next time gals!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Holy Smokes it's been a while!

Hubby said to me tonight that I haven't updated my blog in a while... so sweet of him to check on me every now and again. I thought to myself it couldn't be that long ago, maybe a month - LOL So holy smokes when I saw my last post of Jan 16th. Geez. Ya know its so flipping hard to keep up with everything now adays. Why is this life so much more complicated that the way my parent's world was? Not really sure, but I say I'm sorry scrappy friends that I have neglected my blog. I will (after tax season) get back to updating. Infact I'd like to post a lot of what I have been doing lately!
I am trying out for the DT over at Tally right now. So if you are tally member - here is my shameless plea for your votes... (PLEASE GIVE ME LOTS OF POINTS). Okay with that out of the way - I recall what sparked my computer hyatis is my never-ending computer woes. Which are now solved thanks to HP. Dell totally sucked and screwed my life up so we won't discuss that...
But in any event I have been scrappy...just not

On my next visit I promise to take off the Christmas theme!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

My last workout

Well Workout #12 is my last as a member of the ScrapFIT DT. I had such a blast working with all of these talented ladies. It was an awesome experience and I thank Kelly so much for making me a member of her team. Now because it was our last (for this DT) our challenge was called Weight Lifting. We had to "scraplift" another DT member's layout from WO #1-11. This wasn't easy to choose, but I chose Pia's WO#4 layout cause the colors and the design was just so stiking, it drew my attention immediately. To see Pia's layout please go to ScrapFIT's blog and check out the post by Kelly. Here is my layout.

So your challenge is to "lift" one of the DT's layouts and scrap it! Scraplifting is way more fun than Weight Lifting - Promise!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Weekend is almost over...

It goes by too fast! I spent a lot of time it felt like scrapping and enjoying the Winter Crop on ScrapFIT forum. But I didn't get much accomplished! I am a slow scrapper, I think cause I fuss over it looking just right or not happy with the layouts, etc. I don't know why - it just does!
Well if you had an opportunity to stop by then you know it was a lot of fun and a ton of challenges! The best part is later tonight Kelly will announce the new DT! They begin their work Feb 1st, so look out for that announcement. It iwll be on the blog as well.

Well ladies, my bed is calling me. Time to hit the sack for the night!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Want to crop this weekend?

Then stop by and join in on all the fun with our first cyber crop! ScrapFIT's first cyber crop will be start Jan 8th thur Jan 10th so don't worry you'll have all weekend! And each DT member has put up a cool challenge to get everyone scrapping their tales off. So hop, jog, skip or run over to the forum and check it out. Scroll down toward the bottom and you'll see the Winter Crop details.

Hope to see you there!!!

Friday, January 1, 2010

It's a Wonderful Life

Sorry I'm slightly late in posting - been a very busy day that started late due to last nights festivities! But here is my layout for ScrapFITs next workout. This was so fun and if you have any photos from the recent snow storms and ofcourse Christmas - this workout is for you! Your title must be "It's a wonderful life" and you must incorporate some stitching on your page. This was a challenge for me but I was so excited cause I just bought the Pixie with my xmas money and I couldn't wait to try it out. This is my first real sewing machine - even if it is a smaller craft version. It sure beats the $5 one I got at AC Moore! Anyways, be gone ladies and get to work on your workout! For more details check out the link on the left hand side of the page...the ScrapFIT blog is where you'll find all DT entries and other info.

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