Friday, June 27, 2008

A little lonely

I am feeling a little lonely on here! Oh well maybe you all are just too shy to leave a comment!

Check out TallyScrapper this weekend...(yes I know I get a little obsessive when I find something new). They are having a cybercrop this weekend - all weekend long! Should be a fun time, prizes are going to be awarded, contests, etc. Stop by and check it out anytime between Sat and Mon (June 28th - June 30th).
I plan to get some scrapping done this weekend... it's too hot to do anything else!

Have a good one - and everyone please stop being so shy!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Publication info

Okay as promised... two layouts have been chosen for publication in the online magazine -

Just logon to www.scrapbooking .com or click the link at the bottom of my page. I will be featured in the August issue. Please look it up and tell me what you think! I am really excited about finally getting published! I can't post the layouts here (against the rules) so you'll have to check it out for yourself.

On the home front, just getting over a ton of eye, sore throat, ear ache, etc... I could go on but you probably don't care! Looking forward to the next couple of days to scrap and relax. I joined TallyScrappers and I love being there. It's an online forum, gallery and all around inspiring place to be. The ladies there are so friendly and you can order your favorite products - ofcourse as long as I can't get them for you first ;0)

But it's free to join and there are a ton of forums and blogs to help you with any questions and also galleries to show off your talent. You'd be amazed at some of these ladies! It has motivated me to step up a little on the pages I make...speaking of pages... off to work on another one for Ian. Finally doing the delivery page!

For those of you who hadn't seen this one yet... Ian's first page...

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Weekend stuff

Okay my second post came a little later than I had hoped...but that's okay - life seems to have it own agenda. Have you noticed yet that I only blog at night - that's cause I get more done when the kids are asleep! I am scouring the internet for more layout challenges and pub calls. I am excited to have a found a few more, one is looking for "obsessive compulsive" pages. I have just the thing to scrapbook about! I'll post when it's all finished and give everyone a peek.
Went to the local scrapbooks store today and spent way too much money. Bryson went with me and got a few things as well - so just like at the grocery store he seems to make my bill higher by putting things in my basket! If you ever get up this way - check out Forevermore Scrapbooks. It's a neat little store right in downtown g-burg.
Speaking of scrapping stuff - I will be placing orders through Memory Works next week - so if anyone is interested please email me by next Friday.
Can you believe July is right around the corner? We had one of our 4th of July traditions early this year - steamed crabs! I was really craving them today so I convinced my hubby we needed some for dinner. They were too good! Got some great shots of Bryson trying to open his first crab...he loved it and that will most definately be a cool page!
Well stay cool, enjoy what is left of your weekend!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

My first!

I finally did it - created my first blog. I gotta say that I think this was much easier than setting up a website and I even took a course on that! But hey all that matters is I finally took the plunge and am trying to communicate with those lurking on the internet! Most of my friends will agree I usually have a lot to say so I hope to be able to make it somewhat meaningful in the many posts to come.

In my opinion - scrapbooking is just the coolest way to expel my creativity and record my family's memories at the same time. I use it to make a little money, meet new people and an excuse to spend hours upon hours at crops and in my scraproom. The real joy is seeing my oldest son's face as he looks through the albums I made about him. It is just truely awesome!

Okay enough with the mushy stuff...
Not only was I motivated to start my blog tonight...but I am excited to report that I recieved word today that a few of my layouts have been chosen for publication! Whew Who!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so thrilled. This will be the first time I've been published in any forum. I'll be sure to post when and where my layouts will be published so you can take a look - and say "Hey, I know her!" ;0)
What a good day it's been!

Thanks for stopping by everyone...

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