Sunday, June 14, 2009

Summer and lots of Attitude!

The past two weekends have been have great! Lots to do but enjoying the weather, really getting into the groove of summer. Sat we had Bryson's last Little League game and league picnic afterwards...FUN! And then today we enjoyed a little outside time.. I was cleaning windows (not so fun) but trying to get a little sun in the process. After dinner I thought the little pool would be warm enough for Ian to get in and play - turns out not warm enough...after I put him in for 2 seconds he screamed and cried, I pulled him out and snapped this pic! Too funny - like I said lots of Attitude!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Layouts - Yes I haven't forgotten what they are!

hee are some layouts I did recently, one is for a Challenge at Tally. I love to win stuff ;0) Still not doing the best job of staying up with the blog - Michelle now got me onto Facebook. Can I possibly fit anything else into my life? School is almost over, camp is starting soon and it's feeling like time is just flying by. Well off to read my new scrap mag..wish me luck on getting more layouts done this weekend!

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