Monday, January 19, 2009

A Whole Month!

Wow it's been whole month since my last post... boy do I feel lazy. Not really - I feel tired! Too much going on. Happy New Year everyone - can't believe it's 2009 already. Geez where did the time go? My little guy will be a year old soon and it's tax season again. Sooooo that means all the fun things in life start to go by the wayside so I can make a little cash.
Sorry to have neglected everyone for awhile - thanks to the ladies who still have made comments on the blog - I promise I'll get back into things.
Along with wanting to lose weight this year - oh yeah that's not going well yet! - I'd like to get my schedule organized. I decided I need to make a plan to do one thing each night and actually accomplish it. I'm going to try!
Anyone else have any plans for change this year? Speaking of change... tomorrow we get a new President. I'll be honest I didn't vote for him and nor do I believe in him. But Lord, I hope I am wrong - and I hope that somehow our economy can bounce back. Everyone is struggling and it's getting pretty scary out there!

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