Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Neglected and going pink!

Well my hubby actually got on my blog last night, thought it was awesome, read every word since its inception but decided when he was done, he felt a little neglected...no pics of my hubby on my blog. So I chose to rectify this situation with a post and a photo. He wanted to choose which photo of him got put up here but I say - if you're going to be on the blog - it's my party and I'll do what I want ;0) So this is the photo I chose!

Besides it's only fitting given the awesome come-from-behind win the Steelers had last night over the Ravens. I stayed up way too late to enjoy it but I am so glad I did.

So here's to you honey (who will probably never come back to the blog) and thanks for taking the time to read it!

Second - I have added a Pinky sign on my blog per Christi's request in honor of Breast Cancer awareness month. Let's all do our part to help the cause! For more information on how to donate or a cool way to possibly get while giving...see Christi's blog. Link is below on the left - Created by Coffee.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Back from TX and a little housekeeping

Well the trip was great, had lots of fun except it was really warm - too warm for my taste and the plan rides were less than pleasant. But I am home safe and sound. Here are some pics from my trip. I got to meet up with Pam from Tally and she showed me around the city a little, took me to lunch and even gave me some fab Texas themed-scrap paper. Loved it! Now I just gotta get scrapping... yeah like I have time for that!

Work this coming week will be hectic. Meeting on Wed for Bryson at his school and then fun filled weekend of football again. I didn't go today cause of the rain and Ian isn't feeling too good - gots a little cold. Giving him lots of kisses cause I missed him so much while I was gone!

I added the playlist too! I only put 5 songs on it so far cause frankly I've been fighting for computer time today and that was all I could do. BUT I'd like for you to give me some suggestions as to what you'd like to hear. So please leave your suggestions here and I'll try and add them!

Okay I could really write a ton more but it's almost 9 and I am going to watch DH. Did anyone catch the premier of Grey's??? Loved it!!!! Although I had to watch it SAT night from my computer cause I was on a plane when it aired Thursday night...another reason I didn't like the ride home.

BTW - tomorrow is wear your Steeler colors! Go Steelers!!!!!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Memories of Mine to Thine: 'Twas a Bonnie Day, Talkin' Pirate Talk

Check this out! Tally Ho - yes the Tally Ho's blog. She celebrated Talk like a Pirate Day in style!

You're too cool Rachel!
Memories of Mine to Thine: 'Twas a Bonnie Day, Talkin' Pirate Talk

Friday, September 19, 2008

RAK Winners!

My honey picked the following out of the can - Crazy Creations, Nikki, Latte, Kimmie0270 and Patti are all winners!!!!

So what you need to do to claim your prize is send me an email with your name and address and I will ship you out some scrap goodness! Thanks for visiting and commenting and I hope you keep coming back! (hpscrapswtlc@yahoo.com)

I am off to San Antonio for a week so I will ship goodies on Friday when I return. It's for work but I get to meet up with Msippi (Pam) while I am out there so can't wait! Hope I'll get some good pictures and get back to the scrapping scene. I am really due for some layouts. Geez I am all backed up - it's been so long!!!!

Have a great week everyone!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Who doesn't want some RAK? And a Birthday Wish

I know what your saying...what the heck is RAK? Well for those of you who don't get much RAK you might not know in which case you definately need some. For those who do know - all the TallyScrappers should - then you'll be the first to leave a post. Basically all you have to do is post a comment to my blog under this post and you'll be entered for some RAK! (Random acts of Kindness ;0) ) Trust me, you'll want the RAK! It just may be one of these babies I have been working on for the swap over at Tally!

Or maybe some other Halloween related goodies! You have until midnight on Friday! So go get your RAK! Ladies you deserve it!!!!! Then Friday night I'll randomly pick a weiner or winner and send you out some love!

On a different note - I'd like to say Happy Birthday to Catherine. She's almost 40! hee hee...not really she's only 38 today. So if you see Cath give her a big spank on the behind cause she likes that and tell her you're voting for Obama! She really will like that ;0) Love you Catherine!!!!!!

hmmm....need some more photos up here... let's see what I can find....

My boys...gotta love em!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

While you were out...

My animals had the run of the house, well at least the kitchen. Recently since Sam is prone to seizures we've penned him in the kitchen/dinning room during the day while we are at work. When he has a seizure he looses control of his blatter so it's just easier on me and the carpet this way! But he rarely has accidents and hasn't had a seizure that we know of for quite a while. However when I got home this evening from picking up the baby/watching a little football practice - I was in for a shock! I wish I would had taken a picture but I was so frazzled I didn't think about it until I was already in clean up mode.
One of the kitchen table chairs was knocked over, the table cloth in a pile on top of the tipped over chair, and my tuscany vase was in pieces all over the floor and the chair. There was also spots of dog pee all over the dinning room floor. I really have no idea how it happened I would bet money that the pee was from the dog, the rest was the cat. Harley is very bad ;0)
So...at 7:15pm at night I didn't feel like cooking and cleaning so I made hubby stop at McDonald's on his way home.
Aaahhhh...now that my kitchen floor is sparkling clean, I can go to bed. So much for scrapping and posting a pic of my Halloween swap project. There's always tomorrow!
Good night!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Not enough time in the day...

To get everything done I want to! It stinks. I really really need to begin working on my tallyHalloween swap projects. I have all the supplies but have done nothing more. Maybe this weekend I can knock half of them out. Maybe! I have a hundred layouts swarming in my head that I want to do but no time to do them. I am reading abook my sister lent me - Daniel Steel's His Bright Light, about her son have Bi-polar and his loosing battle with it. Yes reading it makes me scared and depressed for/about Bryson but in a way it is good to read about someone else's struggles with the disease.
Football is in full swing. Bryson's second game is Sunday at 11am which really stinks cause it's away - over an hour away so we will more than likely miss the opening kickoff to the Steeler's game. Ahhh we are getting old! Next week we are at home so that's good!
I think I'm getting sick on too of all this... probably because I am run down... but I think doing out drinking on Sat night didn't help ;0) - gotta blame it on something. No really though I had a great time and it's something I don't get to do too often but never miss a chance to hang with my Michelle!
And now it just hit me that I actually have two weeks left until I leave for San Antonio! Geez...when will things slow down????

Monday, September 1, 2008

Ahhh back to work....

Yeah like I am really excited about that! I am not but I guess it's good to get back into the swing of things. Last week was such a screwy week with it being back to school but only on Wed and Thurs? Then they had days off, etc. It was just nutty. So I will be glad to finally get a full week of school under out belts and hopefully establish a routine soon.

I did start working on the animals for Ian's room. The giraffe turned out really cute - I have three of them done so far. But I had to stop the project to work on my Halloweeen swap over at Tally. Here is one of the pieces I plan to use on my doorhanger project....

Pretty spooky huh? Anywho, I finally decided what to do now I just have to finish getting the rest of the supplies. This photo was found off of some site on the internet so I can't take credit for it's creation! But very Vintage feeling and that is the goal. I will post one when I am finished - don't know when that will be but you know - soon.

Well have a great week ladies and gents (if any frequent the blog) and pray for Fall to get here soon! I love fall!!!!!

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