Monday, July 28, 2008

Leaving for CKC - Valley Forge, etc.

Hi everyone - I am leaving for CKC Valley Forge on Thursday. There is a coupon for $2 off the admission and few other promos from some of the vendors - if you plan on attending please email me and I will forward you the coupon via email.
Also, please don't forget to check out's August issue for my school and soccer layouts! After they are published I will post them to my Tally gallery for all to see! ;0)

Also, there is a small list of crops so far that I've managed to get together...

Sat. Sept 27th 10-5pm St. David's Church in South Hanover,PA (right near MD line on Rt 30)
Sun. Nov 2nd 12-9pm - Croptoberfest! Also at St. David's Church
I will be vendoring at the Croptoberfest and possibly the other

Also, if you're interested in a weekend crop - Nov 7-9th CRC in East Waterford, PA Cost is $115-140 depending on your package preference. Disc for groups of people. It starts 12 noon on Friday and you crop til you drop or 3pm Sunday (which ever comes first ;0)) - All meals and lodging are included so it's a fabulous price!

Okay that is it for right now... anyone wishing to place an order through MW too - please email me asap! Order will be placed the day I come back from CKC...!

Time for me to snooze... I know I am early to bed! But it's been crazy around here... !!!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Computer problems

The last thing I need is computer problems but my internet or something seems to be malfunctioning. Hope I can make it through this post ;0)
It's been a whole week since I wrote - where does the time go? I've been busy and unfortunately not with anything scrapbooking related. But tomorrow is a new day and maybe I won't be so tired tomorrow night that I can work on my 4th of July page. My kit from MW came and I love it!!!!!!!!!!! I can't wait to get to work on that page. I'll post when finished but at this rate it may be Christmas.
Okay - getting lonely again! Please comment and let me know what's going on with you! On Tally I am doing a Jar of Whimsy swap. It's gonna be fun to see what my partner puts in my jar! I'll post when I get hers completed and recieved mine. If you have a group of scrapping friends you should try a swap - any kind - just to get some fresh ideas, make lasting friendships and have a little fun!
Keep the peace.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Putting it on paper

Lately - I've been reading all the posts on Tally and some books on bipolar and the one thing that really hit me is that I need to write more. I need to write stuff down, send a note, make a post, vent about something. I like the blog cause this gives me a chance to do that without offending too many people (hee hee) but I mean a deeper writing I think is in order. So I started to write in a journal. Not really a tiny little diary thing but a plain old notebook I hope to alter! There is so much going on in my life right now with the kids and scrapbooking, I thought will I remember all this stuff 5 years from now? And speaking from experience I can tell you that if you have children and don't write the stuff down that is important like when they first started to speak or walk - you will be asked this a million times down the road and if you're like me you won't remember. Having a special needs child I realize this information would have been very handy, along with when his nighterrors started, etc. I take for granted those things. As scrapbookers we know journalling is important but we hate to do it. Why?
I hope to keep this new commitment up, even though I don't know when the heck I will get to write in it but it's important. So my challenge to you is to write stuff down - if not daily - weekly. You may choose to later use it as journalling on your pages. And if you already write in a journal or whatnot - let me know your sucess stories and what motivates you to write! YA never know - maybe one day our lives will be juicy enough to become movie material!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Much needed shout outs!

I just had to give a shout out and say first that I thank everyone for reading and commenting on the blog! I've gotten some good feedback and I really enjoy it!
Second - the coolest thing happened to me today - got an email from Ali Edwards! Yes THE Ali Edwards from Ck mag among other things. I was just so inspired and touched by learning about what all her family has done and is doing in the fight for Autistic children that I had to email her and tell her so. I never expected a reply so it was nice that she did and it just really made my day! I love her blog - I've added it to my most read blog list so check it out! I hope to some day help kids with bi-polar the way she is helping those with Autism. It's just so awesome.
My third shout-out goes my friend Gail who had her baby, little Katie on July 1st. Way to go Gail and welcome Katie! They are all doing well.
And I guess I'll close by saying this weekend is going to be busy - Bike Week is here in Gettysburg and my hubby is dragging me to the festivies on Sat. I enjoy being on the bike, it doesn't happen often cause of the kiddies but I could do without the rest of the hopla! Oh and a little drinking and parting is fine too....;0)
So I may be quiet for the next few days - but don't worry - I'm still here. Waiting for my MW July subscription to come so I can do my layout of Bryson at the ballgame... the ideas are in my head and need to come out!
Enjoy the weekend!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Loving the blog thing

I am just so loving the blog thing now. Can't believe I waited this long to start...anyhow, I am going to be adding a section for my favorite blogs or blogs I choose to read and keep up to date with. I would love to put your blog in the list - so just email me your url and I will put it on!
It's been a rough night and I am so tired so I'll try and get back at this tomorrow or thursday - as tomorrow night looks busy too! I want to know where all my free time went to before I had kids????

Monday, July 7, 2008

Just Monday

It's just another Monday, nothing exciting here except I was really tired this morning... from staying up all night scrapping! Here is what I got accomplished. The 2 page layout I did for a challenge on Tally and the other I did cause I love the pics.

Let me know your thoughts please!

I am still working on the weekend crop schedule...bear with me it's been crazy around here over the holiday. This week is crazy too but I hope to post more soon!

Almost forgot! Here is also a pic of Bryson at the O's game on 7/4. His first baseball game and he loved it...and so did Joel and I. The excitement in his face was so worth walking in the rain.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Happy July!

Well July is finally here...not that I was waiting for it but hey it's worth noting... why? Cause this means summer is like half over! And how much scrapping have I done? Not much... last weekend at the cybercrop I had more fun doing the chats, challenges, etc than scrapping. But I did get about 80% complete on the one that is sitting on my desk so that is something.
Plus July means I am almost ready for CKC Valley Forge! Can't wait - I hope it's all I envision it to be. Wish me luck on sales and keep my hubby in your prayers that he can handle the kids by himself for 4 days! hee hee

I am putting together a list for the upcoming crops I have been invited to participate in. There are a couple coming up this fall so if you can start saving your nickles now - you'll be in good shape to come! So stay tuned.

I want to say thanks to those ladies who are giving me some love now! Thanks!!!! I know it's a pain to have to create a log in - but seriously - if you're here than that must mean you like me a little! So it's worth it the pain.

I also want to say - my simple pleasure for this week (technically last week) is that it is so nice to hear from old friends. I got in touch with an old friend from HS this past week and I was so glad to hear from her. She's having a baby - like TODAY! So I'd like to say - congrats to Gail and her new baby. Don't know what the sex is yet but will keep you posted! So get out there and contact an old friend - better yet make them a homemade card telling them you're thinking of them. You get to use up some old scrapbooking materials and make someone smile at the same time!

See ya!

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