Monday, August 25, 2008

Happy Birthday!

To my bestest bud Michelle! She turns 33 tomorrow. So if you see Michelle say Happy Bday to her or you can leave a post here and I will make her check it ;0)

On a totally different note, everyone at Tally is loving the 4th of July page and I am so glad. But I gotta tell you there are so many talented ladies over there I just can't compete! But it's fun trying. Just want to say thanks to Christi who keeps encouraging me with comments on my blog and on Tally! Thanks Christi! Check out her blog - the link is below.

And finally, we just got home a little bit ago from meet the teacher night. It is with mixed emotions I leave there cause one, its a new school. I don't think it's as nice as the one Bryson was in and should be since he is no longer going in our own district. But the staff in his TES room is wonderful. He'll have 4 other kids in the class with a FT teacher and a FT aid plus theroputic professionals three times a week. I know it's what he needs but I miss the normalsy of a regular classroom. I miss the staff and parents at James Gettys already. But I just pray that soon Bryson will be able to adjust and learn and grow and be productive so he can go back to mainstream where he belongs. Uuuhhhh.... okay I'm done venting.

Any who - this all started with wishing Michelle a happy birthday so again - girlie have a great day! And can't wait until Saturday evening - hope I won't be too much of a wet blanket for you!

Sunday, August 24, 2008


Got a layout finished. Geez it seems lately it takes as long as giving birth just to knock out one little layout ;0)

Well here it is, our day at the ball park on July 4th. It helped I went to Randi's on Friday night to scrap. Otherwise I am sure it wouldn't have gotten done.

I need to get better at taking pictures at the right angle. Since I can not scan (just not smart enough to figure out the stitching thing), I need to take pics of the layouts. Sometimes I can't cut out the table, chair or whatever it is they sit on while I snap them. Someday I'll get high tech.

The next photos are of the Whimsy Jar swap I did over at

The first is the jar I made to send to LadyMissSusan(on the left), and the other two are of the jar she gave me and the loot inside! Bryson had fun helping me look through all the goodies. He even got to take the whistle that was in there... just so he'd stop asking me so many questions!

Ahh... it was also a busy weekend. Parties, football and being outside a lot. I am kinds tired! Here is one last pic of Ian in his saucer...he's getting the hang of it and the toys but he's not quite flat-footed yet on the bottom. Maybe in another week or two - just a few more inches boy - you can do it!

Okay, gotta go post all this good stuff on Tally! Happy back to school to all those heading back this week here in PA and MD. Bryson starts Wed. Thank goodness!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Busy weekend

My olderst turned 7 on Saturday. The weekend was pretty much about him...but then again everyday is about him ;0)

A little mini-golf, dinner at Ruby Tues. and then some goodies... like Guitar Hero on Tour for his DS. The guys doesn't put it down! Ofcourse he got a lot of other cool goodies from our friends and family. Steelers toothbrush that Aunt Michelle gave him rocks! Then Sunday we had a cookout with family as I have about 10 people on my side with birthdays in Aug. We just pick a day and celebrate.

Weather has been great here - I've finally gotten my hubby to leave the windows open for the time being so to save $ on's just crazy!

I had to post this's of Ian in a not so happy state. But I think it's just too cute.

I'm sure he'll thank me one day for putting this on the internet!

I haven't had much time to scrap at all and I am really bummed cause everytime I jump on Tally I get the urge to scrap and it's like 10pm and I am barely awake... gotta go to sleep! Maybe this weekend... I'll keep my fingers crossed!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

My pics of CKC

Here are the pics as promised...they aren't that great but hopefully you get the idea...Our booth is belowThen here is two shots I took from the isles. They don't do it justice cause the place was enormous.

Here is me...dirty and sweaty in the booth waiting to check people out...Yes I am very pale even in the summer.

Here is me and my newly found twin... same color pants on too! It was weird! Hi Susan!

Then the best part... here is my loot from the convention. The Quickcuts animals I plan to use to decorate my son's nursery walls - hopefully before he gets too old for the theme! Then I got some Ambrosia paper packs from Basic Grey, a Rolodex thingy I can alter, some chipboard circles with clear plastic covers so I can make something to hang on the wall, a file and some Queen and Co snow flake some odds and ends. Oh yeah the large chipboard monogram letters. To spell out Ian and Bryson's names...might try and cover them some how to match their rooms.

Can't wait to find time to scrap now!

Monday, August 4, 2008

About CKC - Valley Forge

Okay so I am back and still tired, but I did manage to pull the photos off my camera... they aren't the best but maybe this can give you an idea of how big the event is and our booth. The booth wasn't completely done when I took the pic so you don't get the total effect but it's close-just missing some signs, etc. That's the first pic, the second is one of me in the booth ;0). The third is me and my twin on Sat. Pam made me shamelessly wear one of the shirts we were selling... me and Susan (in the pic) were dressed exactly alike - so weird that we had to take a pic...So Susan is making her debut on the internet! Nice to meet you Susan!!! And the next couple are of the floor where all the vendors were. The last is of all the loot I bought! Pam let me leave every so often to get Skinny Cow and to shop.
We had a lot of sales (at least for me it was a lot!) so I am hoping Pam will send me a big fat check soon!!!!! ;0) Anyhow, it was a ton of fun but a ton of work. So I need to get some more sleep. Since I bought all the goodies I am going to do my best to work on some cool projects and get them posted.
Bryson and Ian both missed me a lot and I was so glad to see them too!

Well as a follow up to above - as you can see there are no pics...I need to resave as a lower resolution or something cause Blogger isn't letting me upload them :0( And honestly I am too tired to do it tonight.... so you'll have to wait in suspense!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

I'm Back!

and in one piece! My let me tell you - I am so tired I could sleep for days...Pam (my booth partner) had me running like crazy! But we had a great show and sold a ton and the best part is I got to meet a lot of wonderful ladies in the process. Plus I got to buy some goodies ;0)

So I am going to get some sleep tonight... and then tomorrow I will post some pics and tell you more about the show!

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