Sunday, September 27, 2009

Headaches suck!

BIG TIME! I even took my Imitrex and damn thing made me sick and wouldn't go away. I slept about 6 hours today and it finally went away. Thank GOD. But that was 6 hours I could have been working on my Workout for scrapFIT. I'm so it's late and I'm trying to stay awake to finish it...serves me right for waiting until the last minute...(sigh)

Blog Hop update

So it's been a few days and I KNOW most of you out there are already joining in on the Blog Hop fun. If you're not shame on you! But it's not too late to start. Here is the first stop on the blog hop - this one will direct you to the next and so on.

Don't forget to hop on over to ScrapFIT too as we are participating. And as with the others on the list-we have a neat little prize you could win if you choose to play along.

Thanks for stopping by!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

2009 Fall Blog Hop!

What is a Blog Hop you ask? Well it's simple actually. Starting this Friday, several scrapping blogs/sites are joining forces to offer lots of fun challenges for you to do - starting with the first in the hop. That blog/site will offer you up a fun challenge, a little prize and then direct you to move on to the next blog. It will be a fun time had by all! So won't you join me?

More details to come Friday - including the first stop on the hop - so mark your calendars as we kick off Fall 2009 Blog Hop!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Workout #4 for ScrapFIT revealed!

Well I'm a few days late on this - good reason - I was in Vegas all week ;0)

But it's better late than never - ofcourse if you've been following along on the ScrapFIT site - you've already gotten your reveal! So here it is...this challenge was to create a layout using a picture of a non-person and using mostly Cosmo Cricket products...why you ask? Cause Cosmo Cricket is the sponsor for this challenge - so don't miss out on this one! You can win yourself a really cool kit from them for playing along. Hope you like it!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Happy Day

Well like many people now a days - I really needed something to be happy about today - and I got it! My son got another "A" in class today for his behavior - didn't miss a single point again today! I'm so proud of him. He's also reading his 20 minutes every night, without a fight or whimper. It's been great and I'm tickled with his progress.
Now if only I could find a way to grow that money tree...

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Football all over the place!

Love now that it's football season. Seriously! Steelers playing tonight. My big boy is playing on Sunday - which is home and we're going to kick some tail!!! Go Warriors. Best of all next week I'll be seeing Pittsburg in the flesh on Thursday night - I am so super excited - can you tell... think I've mentioned this somewhere before!

Busy weekend too with the holiday. Hope everyone has a safe one!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Did I mention????

That if you participate in Workout #3 on the ScrapFIT blog you could win a prize??? The prize for this one is sponsored by Kraft Girl get on over the blog and workout!

One Sunday

This is my take on Workout #3. Staying fit I am!!! The challenge is to use a receipe for your layout...but you got to go to ScrapFIT's blog for the receipe ;0)
There is hidden journalling on this page - can you find it?
I love these pics of Ian, playing and enjoying the sun one Sunday afternoon in June. He's addicted to riding on the 4 wheeler with Daddy! It's so cute. My picture of the layout really doesn't do it justice...a little washed out. Sorry about that!
Count down begins - 8 more days til I'm off to Pittsburg to see the NFL opening game!!! SWEET! I can't wait to see the game, the pregame show and just being there in all the excitement. AND the best part is it's going to be Bryson's first football game. I will have plenty of pics I'm sure.
Maybe I'll even be on tv? hee hee

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